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The cheapest solar installation quote is not always the best! Discuss your needs with the contractors before the quote is finalized and make sure it includes all the services you need, so there are no unpleasant surprises later on.

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Install a qualifying solar energy system now – get 30% back from the IRS!

Install now and you can apply for a tax credit totaling 30% of the installed price of solar panels and solar water heaters. Tax credits reduce the total amount of taxes that you have to pay. This leads to a higher tax refund or a lower amount of tax due at the end of the year.

State Tax Benefits. On top of the federal tax credit, most states offer tax credits, grants, or rebates.

Besides the tax benefits, solar panels provide you with an infinite source of renewable energy and allow you to make a difference in helping the environment.

Solar hot water, solar pool, or solar power generation!

The three main applications for solar power in private homes are for heating water for the home, heating the pool, or for generating electricity.

Solar water heating systems are one of the most efficient ways to heat water. The energy is free; only the collection, conversion, and storage devices cost money. Hot water can be used for a number of applications, including washing, bathing, cooking, and space heating. A solar hot water more....

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